Gift Code Certificate in the amount of $15

$15.00 USD


Product Description

Last-minute gift? Don't know what to get? No time to mail? Never fear - a Gift Code Certificate from Jan4insight Handmade Gallery is the perfect solution!

When you purchase this Gift Code Certificate, I will email you a nicely-designed PDF announcement of your gift, containing your giftee's exclusive Gift Certifcate code (presented as a Zibbet coupon code for my shop) along with complete instructions for its redemption. You can then send the announcement by email, or print it out and hand-deliver or mail it to your giftee. The PDF prints on one sheet of 8.5x11" paper, with room to add your personal handwritten note.

The Gift Certificate Code is exclusive and will never be issued again. Your giftee can use it for one purchase from this shop, as along as the total purchase (merchandise + shipping) equals $15 or more. The code will expire after one use, but otherwise has no expiration date.

* NOTE * Each Gift Certificate Code is exclusive to the person you are giving it to. If you wish to give this item to more than one person, please purchase a comparable number of gift code certificates. I can also create a Gift Code Certificate in a custom amount for you, as long as it is greater than $15.

Please note, there are no refunds or exchanges on purchases of Gift Code Certificates.

Gift Code Certificate in the amount of $15

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