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Autumn Quartet original mixed-media art piece, stretched canvas 10x10 inches


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Custom Pop Art Pet Portrait, made to order from your photo


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The Heart of Love and Compassion, original mixed-media art piece, acrylic on stretched canvas 10x10 inches


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Along the Way original painting, 8 x 10 inches, acrylic on heavy paper


Item collection a3ddc64b 03d7 4a59 8408 f95084bbb65f

Cabbage Rose original mixed-media art piece, 10 x 8 inches on heavy paper


Item collection 9710c26c 76fb 4f7c 8a87 8d5a4b3040b0

For Whatever Reason original mixed-media art piece, 5 x 7 inches on canvas board


Item collection 1496115 original

ACEO Gift Card with envelope - Stripe Heart


Jan4insight Handmade Gallery

Welcome to my world of color, form, and purpose! I am a mixed-media and fiber artist who also makes jewelry. My creations are made with passion and joy, and I hope they will bring passion and joy into your life as well.
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