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Infinity Moebius Scarf, spiral crocheted in Deep Jeweltone colors


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Zipper Pull or Charm, beaded in Shiny Gold and Blue colors


Item collection 7423898 original

Zipper Bracelet Cuff, Aqua Chevron Bling


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Infinity Moebius Scarf, spiral crocheted in Brown and Green Canyon colors


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The Healing Shawl for Love & Compassion, crocheted in Pink and Green fine cotton-blend yarn


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Zipper Pull or Charm, beaded in Christmas Red and Green with Gold Filigree Bauble ornament


Jan4insight Handmade Gallery

Welcome to my world of color, form, and purpose! I am a mixed-media and fiber artist who also makes jewelry. My creations are made with passion and joy, and I hope they will bring passion and joy into your life as well.
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