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Shawlette "Wine Country" crocheted in Teal Burgundy Gold striped sparkle yarn


Item collection 7423898 original

Zipper Bracelet Cuff, Aqua Chevron Bling


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Cat Ears Hat or Pussy Hat, made to order in your choice of Pink or Rainbow colorways


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Infinity Moebius Scarf, spiral crocheted in Fresh Green Blue and Mauve Stripes lightweight yarn


Item collection dde01ea1 6f8d 461f 9845 041c00668bcc

Shawlette "Snow Princess" crocheted in Pink White Grey striped lightweight acrylic yarn


Item collection b3d51ae4 bdaa 4f86 a0dc 255055dff5f3

Shawlette, crocheted in Hot Salsa Stripes cozy acrylic yarn


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Welcome to my world of color, form, and purpose! I am a mixed-media & fiber artist who also makes jewelry. My creations are made with passion & joy, May they bring passion & joy into your life as well.
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