Item collection 7415681 original

Necklace, bead links in green and purple with adjustable ribbon tie


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Glamorous Jeweltone Dangle Earrings, beaded in Iridescent Blue with Double Pinks


Item collection 2949c15e d634 4544 b5fd a9a4388ead79

Dangle Earrings beaded in Pink and Violet gradient colors


Item collection e48232a3 4be4 427c 9366 1d8b7bda2fab

Dangle Earrings with Geometric Beads in Aqua and Magenta


Item collection 5d31ae3d 8aa9 4237 8abc 226ae94597c9

Beaded Dangle Earrings in Green, Purple and Woodtone colors


Item collection 4d9af084 afed 4c29 8c92 3837c72980ff

Bracelet, tennis style with seed beads in Red, Blue and Silver colors.


Item collection 2793fce9 ddea 4e13 a070 fb05dacbb32f

Glamorous Jeweltone Dangle Earrings, beaded in Iridescent Blue with Shiny PInk


Item collection 096fcb0e b50d 4c2f 82a5 92ad43dff928

Beaded Dangle Earrings, pierced or clip, in Colorblocked Pastels


Item collection fc65c39f e60e 4e44 b514 230b9bde5278

Bracelet, tennis style, beaded in Colorblocked Pastels


Item collection 3759942 original

Statement Necklace, ethnic-inspired with black, white and yellow beads tied on hemp cord


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Welcome to my world of color, form, and purpose! I am a mixed-media & fiber artist who also makes jewelry. My creations are made with passion & joy, May they bring passion & joy into your life as well.
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