Your Next 30 Days StarGate Reading 3 to 5 Cards, with PDF report and affirmation

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Product Description

"I have admired and learned from Jan's readings. She always speaks straight from the heart."
-Polly G., Silver City NM

As a professional intuitive, I have given readings for my clients since 1997. Now I am offering an easy way to order your reading online - no appointment to make - with substantial savings over my in-person fees. Simply provide the information below with your order, and I'll email your report back to you within 2-3 business days.

My readings uniquely blend the original Star+Gate card deck along with my 20+ years experience as a pendulum dowser. This 3-5 card reading will tell you what energies are influencing you at this time and what is coming up in the next 30 days. And, I will give suggestions for bringing new energies into your life that will help to resolve your challenging situation. Questions frequently address such issues as life, work, relationships, personal growth, and spirituality, and I specialize in relocation questions.

Here's what I need from you:
~ Your question. You may request a general reading, or you can be more specific. Examples: Is this the right time to change jobs? Should I relocate to ___? What's going on in my relationship with ___?
~ Your first and last name. If you have a "go by" name, please give that also.
~ Your birthdate (month, day, year) and place of birth.
~ Where you currently live.
~ Anything else you feel is pertinent, such as occupation or relationship status.
~ the e-mail address where you want to receive the report.

You can put this information in "remarks to seller" at checkout, or use the "Contact" link on this page.

*I do not answer questions related to lotteries, gambling, stock market, etc. *

Your report will be sent within 2 business days by email, as a PDF attachment. The report will include a beautifully-illustrated affirmation, which you can print and use to focus on the central lesson of the reading.

I'll answer one brief follow-up question if you ask back within 2 business days. See shop policies for information on payments; no refunds on this item.

Note: Report sample shown in the photos is for display only; your report and affirmation will be specially created for you based on the energies present in your reading.

*Your information including e-mail address is kept strictly confidential*

Fine Print: I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat, predict, or cure any condition. Anything stated in any reading or consultation is suggestive only, and no information, suggestions, or statements are intended in any way to substitute for proper medical care or legal advice.

Your Next 30 Days StarGate Reading 3 to 5 Cards, with PDF report and affirmation Your Next 30 Days StarGate Reading 3 to 5 Cards, with PDF report and affirmation

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